So for the past couple weeks, I’ve been mulling over things in my mind. I think I’m at a good point now where I can make a reasonable decision. So, I can say with near certainty…

I will be moving back to Pittsburgh toward the end of July.

Also it feels all the more real when I actually write it like that. (And scary all over again.)
“Near certainty” because I can still be convinced otherwise. I’m sure there are things I haven’t thought about yet.
If anyone has thoughts on whether or not it’s a good idea, thoughts on moving services/methods, or thoughts on housing in Pittsburgh, input would be greatly appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. this is an awful idea. you should wait until mid-august to move to pittsburgh, instead. ^_^

  2. Go for it hon, but don’t forget to visit here sometimes.

    I don’t know what the status of Gwillen’s house or his plans are, but you might want to talk to him about housemating and/or taking over his lease.

    I did most of my moving by flying Southwest a couple of times, then getting my parents to ship the rest. Southwest lets you have 100lb baggage free. The USPS has a media mail option which if you pack books separately gives you a substantial discount on them. Dunno what your furniture situation is, but if you have none or sell it this is a decent option.

  3. I’m glad you’ll be closer. Hopefully this will mean I’ll see you more often than once every two years, but at the very least we’ll be able to play BSW in the same time zone. Congrats

  4. Oh no Mr V!

    I thought you had reached a point where you were doing well in SF socially. But I guess you would do well in Pittsburgh too.

  5. Do you know where you want to live? There are a lot of great neighborhoods in Pittsburgh that college students don’t look at.

  6. *Sad* Why? Well I selfishly like having SF friends, especially if I end up moving there in the next year. But in the end if it really makes you excited, and it feels right, then go for it! (The west coast will miss you I am sure)

    What would you do job wise? Or was that one of the things that motivated this in the first place?

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