Starting to take care of logistics related to moving. Plane tickets have been purchased, car rental has been reserved, things are starting to be packed, housing is being pursued. It’s a scary feeling. Still, I keep feeling like it’s the right thing to do, which is probably a good sign.

Current plan is to leave San Francisco on July 23 and fly into Pittsburgh around July 28.

I’ve been working on a redo of RPG Get. I’d been working on the next expansion set (Evolution Worlds) for a while and realizing that some of the abilities were getting really, really hard to express in ways that made sense. As a result, cards were filling up with text and it seemed like everything was going to be too difficult to track. Instead, I’m breaking things down into various different stats and icons and hopefully simplifying the flow.
Sample redo cards:

2 thoughts on “Logistics

  1. Will the gameplay rules be the same?

    ie. will the old cards still be valid?

    Looks awesome by the way, keep it up!

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