Photo Firsts (Nesky, Carolyn)

Moar photos!

First photo of Nesky:

September 28, 2004 before Concepts lecture.

First photo of Carolyn:

September 10, 2005 after the KGB Underground Tour. (Can you spot her?)

Stats for them have been added to the stats page.

2 thoughts on “Photo Firsts (Nesky, Carolyn)

  1. Wait, I was still wearing that hat during freshman year? I thought I stopped wearing that after highschool. My self-image has a pretty fuzzy timeline.

    I was still using that laptop until last year, when I spilled a drink on the keyboard yet again. I’ve got a rubber keyboard cover on this laptop.

  2. I can! I can name about half the people in that picture. I see a jgrafton, possibly a cpride though it is hard to tell, pnelson, boy my roommate snogged who I think is named Daniel, I’d wager my roommate, and I’d wager mkehrt. No idea on the others. Oh, freshman year.

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