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Finally finished today. 189,985 photos tagged in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 (and written to the photos themselves) covering my life from the past 9 years. I have photos from every month except one. It’s a nice feeling.

Going through, I came across this image. It’s my favorite image because of what it represents… I had just found out the previous afternoon that I got into Carnegie Mellon, which by itself was one of the happiest moments in my life. There was a pizza party at school that day (for some completely unrelated event that I can’t remember now) and the principal and advisor, unexpectedly, brought in this cake. It just reminds me what an amazing experience high school was for me. I’m also wearing my “Ratt pack” badge from the campus tech support I did that year. Lots of good memories in this photo.

Life has been updated pretty consistently and is complete up to today. This weekend, I will start working backward through photos so high school photos get uploaded as well. I’ll also do more statwanking for high school people, since I have all the photos tagged now. It will be good times.

So yeah, goals are progressing pretty well so far.
❏ Learn Scala
❏ Finish the people wars base set
✔ Finish tagging photos
❏ Finish the next RPG Get! expansion
❏ Playtest RPG Get!
✔ Take more photos (calling this done even though it’s never really done… but I will continue doing the daily photo project)

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