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1 of: Nikon D90 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) [Electronics]
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC

Scary. I just spent almost $800 with one click. Still, it’s something I’ve been needing for a while (since my D50 is competely busted now) and Carnival is coming up in a little over a month and Greg and Zeke and my aunt are visiting next month. Still, I feel weird spending so much money.

Life lately has been full of tagging photos. In 4 days (Friday after work, Saturday sometimes, Sunday sometimes, today after work), I have managed to tag May, April, March, February, and January 2004 and December 2003 photos. This means I now have a total of 183748 tagged photos with only October and November 2003 remaining between me and 100% tag completion.
(I have also completed the task of writing all the tags to the photo files, so I can easily migrate to Picasa at some point if that becomes necessary.)

I have also been following my goal of taking more different pictures. Life has been updated pretty consistently with both life and daily photos. As soon as I finish 100% tag completion, I will work backward in life so that there’s photos all the way back to 2000. Fun.

That means, of the goals I set for myself this year, two are now significantly underway. That’s not bad for end of February. Unfortunately, as they were sort of in priority order, I need to catch up on Scala learning, but meh. :)

Life is good.