Photo Firsts (Pat, David) and New Camera

My D90 arrived today.
The camera is awesome. I am extremely happy with my purchase.
The first photo it took was of Sharon, but it’s not a very flattering photo (she is eating), so I won’t post it here.

Matt had a birthday party today at Ally’s. It was a good time. Photos will be posted on photos 2 at some point tomorrow. are posted at photos 2.

I also did some statwanking and went back and redid stats to separate them into equal chunks (rather than basing chunks on the academic year). Also got stats for Patrick and David, since all my high school photos are tagged now.

My first photo of Pat from August 17, 2002 at the PPA Beginning-of-the-year party.

My first photo of David from August 20, 2002 in the hallway of Unit 5 at PPA.

Edit: Stats can be found here

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