Photo Firsts (Vicki, Amanda) and Parade!

Today was the Chinese New Year parade (yes, a week late). I went and wandered Chinatown with Ally, Blake, Dan, and Robert and ate cheap food and watched a stream of dressed-up people with flags and Dragons. It was fun. It’s actually really a good idea to have two cameras: a nice DSLR for events and a portable P&S for wandering. I would not have liked carrying around my D90 all day, especially with me running from Brannan and Embarcadero to Post and Market in under 10 minutes (since the Muni was going to be 5 minutes and I figured I could beat it and save $2 in the process, and also get some exercise… and yes, I did manage to beat it by about a minute).

Em’s brother also came to visit her. I guess this is the first posted photo from my D90 (since life hasn’t had one posted from it yet either).

Anyway, here’s my first photo of Vicki:

August 12, 2002 in the PPA office after school Sophomore year.

First photo of Amanda:

August 31, 2001 in the portables during lunch Freshman year.

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