Am I alone in thinking that Michael Jackson’s death doesn’t merit all of the media attention it’s getting?

This morning all of the top-10 stories on CNN were about his death. This seems like overkill.

Why is our culture so obsessed with celebrities? Thousands of people die every day, yet somehow celebrity deaths are always big, front-page news.

2 thoughts on “Um…

  1. No, I’ve been paying as little attention to that story as humanely possible. My initial response was “meh,” and it still is.

    Farrah Fawcett also died, although she was before my time, and the only thing I know about her was that she was a guest on an episode of Johnny Bravo.

  2. I submit 2 reasons:

    1- Michael Jackson is totally controversial, virtually guaranteeing tons of exposure for any media that covers it.

    2- His work in the 80s is some of the most musically significant in recent times. I can’t think of a more significant person’s death in the music world since John Lennon was shot.

    Sadly, it’s probably more #1 than #2.

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