Europe summary

Been back in SF for a couple days… today was my first day at work in a month. Spent most of the time going through my almost 1100 emails and getting my build working again.

The flights home were uneventful, although I didn’t get any sleep during the flight. I got to watch Bolt, which is actually a fairly well-done movie. Customs wasn’t nearly as annoying as I had been anticipating. It was my first time filling out the form and going through by myself and such, but they didn’t seem to really care and just waved me through after taking my form.

In any case, I wanted to post a summary of my Europe trip… mostly for my own reference later. The 10-day tour is really more like 7 days of actual sightseeing and such, but meh. I love how they count the “arrive at BKK” as a day, despite the fact that the company itself has absolutely nothing else to do at that point (at least Day 1 involves them getting tickets and sorting out baggage and such).

I still need to go through and post photos from the trip. I’ll do that once I’m feeling more normal.

Day 1 (June 6):
Meet at the Bangkok airport at 9:30 PM to board a flight for Italy. Take off at midnight.

Day 2:
Arrive in Italy, drive to Rome to see the famous fountain and the Spanish steps. After lunch, head to the Colosseum, then Saint Peter’s in Vatican City. Stay at the Admiral Palace hotel in Chianciano Terme. Special dinner of Italian food.

Day 3:
Travel to Florence to see Duomo/Santa Maria church and reproductions of various famous works in the area, then to Piza to see the leaning tower. Stay at the Novotel hotel in Florence. Special dinner of Italian steak.

Day 4:
Travel to and take a boat to Venice. Take a gondola ride around the city and see demonstrations of glassblowing. Explore the city. Lots of shopping. Take a boat back and stay at the Anthony Palace hotel in Marcon.

Day 5:
Travel to Milan and look at various statues in the area. Then drive to Switzerland through the longest tunnel in the world (17 kilometers), stopping at Lucerne to look at the famous bridge before heading to Interlaken. Stay at the Hotel Krebs (crab hotel) in Interlaken.

Day 6:
Take the cog-wheel train up to Jungfrau, the “Top of Europe”. Stay at Hotel Krebs again. Special dinner of fondue.

Day 7:
Take the bus to France, stopping in Strasbourg. Take the TGV into Paris. Visit the Triumph Arch. Take the Bateaux Mouche boat up and down the Seine, seeing different parts of the city. Stay at the Pullman Paris La Defense. Special lunch of Escargot.

Day 8:
Go up the Eiffel Tower. Walk by (but not into) the Louvre and the Joan of Arc statue in the area. Go to the Galleria Lafayette for shopping. Bus down to Versailles for a tour. Stay at the Pullman Paris again.

Day 9:
Head to the Charles de Gaulle airport for a 1:50 PM flight.

Day 10:
Arrive back in Bangkok at 6 AM.