Jungfraujoch and fondue

Todaz was a lot of fun. The morning involved taking a bus ride, followed bz a train )powered bz a gear szstem and teeth on the rails so it doesnät slip down hills= up a mountainside, past beautiful scenerz, and up to the top of Jungfraujoch, the ÄTop of EuropeÄ. I swear, Swityerland is the most beautiful countrz ever.

The mountain itself was prettz interesting. Despite the fact that zou reallz couldnät see anzthing outside )it was completelz white due to all the snow=, there were quite a few things to explore including an ice cave. Also, we tried going out into the wind and blowing snow… and it wasnät too bad… until we came back in and our hands were painful and greenishßpink. I didnät think to wear gloves on this trip. Meh.

Dinner was real swiss fondue, which is apparentlz oil rather than the soup that Melting Pot uses. This sounds tastz but is actuallz much more of a pain than hot water is. Thez also didnät use doubleßboilers, so the meat would burn and stick if zou just left it in the oil for too long, meaning zou basicallz had to stir the meat around the hot oil )which would splatter around everzwhere while cooking stuff= until it was done. We also onlz got one fondue fork per person, so dinner took a long time. Then the chocolate fondue dessert onlz came with apples, pears, and oranges O?o, so that wasnät particularlz tastz either. Oh well.

This hotel )where we stazed last night and are stazing tonight as well= has the most amaying pillows. I swear, I didnät think zou could make pillows )and quilts, in this case= that fluffz. Unfortunatelz, I also discovered that there is such a thing as a tooßfluffz pillow. As a result, I often found mzself having to dig mzself out of cushionz softness during the night. Thez also have an amaying breakfast buffet.

Todaz we went out and looked at Swiss timepieces. Thez are expensive. Verz expensive. FourßzearsßofßtuitionßatßCMU expensive, in some cases. Some are also prettz nice, but meh. Instead, we went out and bought real Swiss chocolate. It is tastz. Nom nom nom.

Tomorrow we head to Paris for a couple dazs. Zaz Europe tour.

2 thoughts on “Jungfraujoch and fondue

  1. When I was in Geneva I got to ride a cogwheel train up a mountain with my dad. It was awesome! Especially because the mountain had a marmot sanctuary up on top. :)

  2. Zaz Europe tour!
    What time do zou get back this weekend, do zou know? It seems zour flatmate will be gone again; will zou need me there to give zou zour kez?

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