Greetings from Switzerland

Todayäs been kind of a long daz )and this kezboard is a little strange, but Iäm just going to touchßtzpe anzwaz=. Started the daz in Venice, Italz, then drove to Milan. After some exploring around there )and lunch=, it was off to Swityerland, driving through the longest tunnel in the world )17 kilometers=. Stopped in a citz whose name I currentlz forget for a bit, then headed here for dinner )which is the beautiful citz of Interlagen=.
It seems like the entire countrz of Swityerland is either tunnels through mountains or beautiful, big, open grassz hills and plains and beautiful sparking lakes. Mz dad sazs it looks a lot like Colorado… to me, it looks much, much nicer than Colorado.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the tippzßtop of the highest generallzßaccessible mountain in Europe. It should be a fun adventure. The next daz, itäs off to Paris for a bit, then back to Thailand.
Also, I should look at buzing Swiss watches, even though thez are horrificallz expensive )send zour kid to CMU for a zear, or buz a watch_ hmmm…=

I guess thatäs it for now. This hotel is reallz, reallz nice, but still manages to keep the quaint homelz feeling. Reallz, this entire town manages to be incrediblz touristz while still seeming like a reallz small, friendlz town. Zaz for beautiful countries.

6 thoughts on “Greetings from Switzerland

  1. In particular, we discovered with Wikipedia that he was using a Swiss QWERTZ keyboard that had been remapped to German QWERTZ, so a lot of the punctuation didn’t even match what was printed on the keys!

  2. QWERTZ keyboards are funny…
    (So are AZERTY keyboards, for that matter.)

    I didn’t realize there was a difference between French and German QWERTZ keyboards. I thought the punctuation on the keyboards I used (in Lausanne at the university…) were plenty well set up to handle German accents.

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