Greetings from Italy

I’m at a hotel in Italy on day two of our Europe tour, which has been fun so far.
Yesterday morning the plane landed at around 6 AM local time, and we headed to the colliseum afterward. Today we visited a different city (whose name I now forget and will have to fill in later) and then went to Piza to see the leaning tower.

Overall, Europe seems much, much more expensive than the US (even compared to San Francisco). Prices here are numerically similar to there (a little more, sometimes… for example pizza and a coke are about 9 euros), but euros are worth more than dollars, so bleh. In any case, the tour we’re with did a really good job with meals and hotels. Every meal is really good, and both dinners so far have been four or five courses with decently good red wine (tonight was steak!). Nom nom.

That’s basically it. I’ll see if some of the other hotels have internet later in the trip. Tomorrow is to Venice.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from Italy

  1. Hi Alan, Glad to hear you’re having a good trip. Yes, the exchange rate has taken a turn for the worse recently. The days of $0.90 Euro are long gone. Have fun :)

  2. As someone who’s going to get paid in euros this fall — and who’s not making any overseas trips before then — I’m for once OK with the bad exchange rate :-)

  3. It gets better when you don’t hang out in the tourist traps :-)
    That said, Italy and Ireland are extremely expensive in general. Other EU states might not be… Most expensive places I went to were probably Dublin and Barcelona. Drinks in Barcelona were 10€+ at times.

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