Greetings from France

So this is the dreqded azerty keyboqrd: Itùs pretty zeird; I ,ust sqy: The nu,bers reauire pushing shift::: the defqults qre qll punctuqtion: Hoz odd§ ?qybe§

Todqy zqs qn interesting trip: Ze got up rqther eqrly in Szitwerlqnd before hopping on the bus qnd bussing into Frqnce::: Strqsbourg; to be precise 9i zrote dozn the nq,es todqy1 Qnd ze hqve q booklet zith qll the locqtions qnyzqy thqt Iùll type out qfter the tour0: Qfter so,e sightseeing there; ze hopped onto the TGV qnd took it into Pqris itself: Ze got to sit first clqss; zhich is pretty nice::: the chqirs zere big qnd co;fy: The trqin is qlso reqlly fqst but reqlly auiet: Zhy cqnùt Cqltrqin do thqt§

In Pqris; ze zent to the big Gqte qrch thing thqt celebrqtes Nqpoleon: Qfter dinner; ze hopped on q boqt qnd took it dozn the Seine; photogrqphing the city qs the sun stqrted to set: Bequtiful:

To,orroz ze zill be exploring ,ore of Pqris 9qnd going up the Eiffel Tozer10: Zeùre qlso supposed to go South to Versqilles 9I believe0; but thqt ,qy or ,qy not hqppen depending on zhether the zorkers dozn there decide to strike to,orroz qfternoon qfter their negotiqtions in the ,orning:

Frqnce is ,ore of the sq,e expensive)zise: I donùt knoz hoz q,yone cqn qfford to live here: Q,ericqns hqve it so eqsy::: gqs here runs betzeen six qnd seven dollqrs q gqllon 9qbout one point tzenty euros per liter0 qnd food is likezise expensive: Iùll never co,plqin qbout the price of gqs or food qgqin MP
Qlso; drivers here qre reqlly bqd::: on the zqy bqck to the hotel; ze pqssed qn qccident zith q cqr qnd q ,otorcycle: The cqr hqd q huge dent in the side qnd the ,otorcycle zqs on its side; qnd its driver zqs lqying very still in qn unnqturql position q fez ,eters qzqy: I reqlly hope the guy ends up being ok: M9

Yeqh; thqtùs reqlly it for noz: If you ,qnqged to reqd this entry; yqy for you::: you get q ton of speciql French broznie points or so,ething:

3 thoughts on “Greetings from France

  1. Could you give me at least a general idea of when you’ll be returning to SF? Like, are we talking Saturday or Sunday?

  2. Dear god… You don’t even try adopting to alternate keyboard layouts, do you? ;-)
    France is *incredibly* expensive, you can spend freakin 9€ on coffee and croissant there.
    Come to Granada with me sometime, it’s a great deal there and the atmosphere can’t be beat!

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