Boo for Great Clips!

Today in the adventures of aIan and Alan, we got really, really bad haircuts. Whee!
At least mine looks a little better after the shower and subsequent restyling.

Lesson learned. Supercuts is acceptable but pricier. Great Clips is cheap cheap cheap but terrible.

Also, Pittsburgh is awesome and yet, even with a week, I’m still worried that I won’t have time to do everything and see everyone that I want to.

5 thoughts on “Boo for Great Clips!

  1. I stopped going to Great Clips when I was about 13. I asked to them to layer my hair slightly, and the girl was like, “uhhhhh…. what’s that?” I actually had to EXPLAIN to her what it was, a lesson which she clearly didn’t absorb, since she ended up cutting the hair around my face in kind of a diagonal pattern as her form of “layering.”

  2. Any cheap hair place is a total crapshoot. I’ve had good luck sometimes and horrible luck other times. It really depends on the stylist. Nowadays my mom sends me to her salon, it’s not cheap (maybe $30-40) and a bit more pampering than I need (I need trims, not scalp massages and hot face towels) but I see it as malfunction insurance.

  3. Why did you come here to get a haircut!? I have heard only bad things about haircuts here.

  4. Great Clips? Where is this, I’ve never heard of it. Maybe if I go there for my annualish haircut, and it’s awful, it will convince Mars that it’s better to just let me grow it :-D

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