Poor camera

Remember my senior year when my camera started creating black gradients at the bottom of photos when the shutter speed was too fast (over 1/60 or so, depending on the focal length)?
It’s doing it again now, noticibly so with the flash when zoomed. Ugh.

If you see me taking photos with my camera upside down this next week, that’s why. For some reason, doing so eliminates the problem. I will also likely shoot buggy this way since 1/200 at 300mm = half the frame is black.

On the bright side of this… the last time I had my camera repaired, I told myself it would not get another repair. As it seems to be on its way out again, I will be buying a D80 at some point in the near future. Yayz.

Also, in unrelated news, I did a test shoot of photos of 8 today, and it was interesting.

3 thoughts on “Poor camera

  1. If you’re considering an upgrade, do you think it’d be a good used purchase in regards to resale value / likelihood of crapping out in the future? If you think it would be a good value compared to me buying a new body, I might be interested in buying it off of you :-)

  2. But if it’s failing now, so close to Camera Repair Shop, doesn’t it mean it’s a sign to go back there?

  3. Zeke: So I suspect it’s an issue with mirror lag because the issue shows up only at higher shutter speeds and not when the camera is upside down (AKA gravity is working against the mirror slowing it down a bit).
    The last time I had it repaired for this issue the bill was over $200… but they fixed it and it worked for over 2 years. It might just need a cleaning.
    I don’t know :P

    I mean, I would be more than happy to sell it once I get a replacement… I just have no idea how much repairs for it would be and whether that would be better than just buying a new one.

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