Yay for Southwest!

My flight from SFO to LAS today was fun. When we were starting to take off, the flight crew asked for aisle seat people’s help with the “Southwest express snack service” and put packets of peanuts on the ground such that they slid back in the plane as it tilted upward during takeoff. They also made a lot of random jokes and puns during the safety announcements (“In the event of a water evacuation, there is a life jacket under your seat… [insert usual stuff]… Feel free to start paddling towards shore. We’ll follow behind with all the beer and spirits we can carry.”).

Now I have a 3 hour layover here in Vegas, and I will be in Pittsburgh around 11:30 local time tonight.

I leave next Sunday 4/19. There should be lots of adventures and photos and halfprice and ITG over the next week.

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