I seem to have been growing chronically lazy lately. I don’t do much in the evenings after work anymore except browse the same few websites, eat dinner, and sleep. I don’t really do anything on weekends except go to Safeway and vegetate in the bookstore in front of the SciFi or Humor sections and maybe, if people are up for it, play board games.

I have three card games that I really should be working on: Student Wars v2, RPG Get! TCG, and the Supernatural CCG (the latter of which is more difficult since my season 1 disks are back in Arizona).
I have a main AlanvDotOrg rewrite nearly finished, missing only the code to allow comments. However, it’s been in that state for approximately 6 months.
The online Student Wars Java client project has stalled due to lack of interest.
CMU Adventures additions or rebalancing have yet to happen.
I’m not really even interested in playing PSO anymore (although, to a certain extent, that has been replaced by KoL).


Photos from Thanksgiving are up at photos 2.

Also, yay cards.
As promised, here is what $50 of DBZ boosters looks like (120 base set, 72 expansion packs)

If you add in the 5 starter boxes (4 of which remain unopened), I probably have enough DBZ duplicates (defined, for me, as a copy beyond the third of a given card, as uniqueness rules for most games are either 3 or 4 copies per deck) to literally wallpaper my room. If you add in the various duplicates from Star Trek, X-Files, Gundam War, and .hack TCGs (all of which are, unfortunately, back in Arizona), I can probably also do the bathroom, the ceiling, and the living room (especially with the Star Trek… I have way too many Star Trek cards).
That would be rather amusing…

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