McCain WTF

I have no idea what to even say to this

Cindy McCain lashed out at Barack Obama Tuesday [saying] the Illinois senator has waged the “dirtiest campaign in American history.”

It’s frightening if she actually believes that.

Edit: Just to make clear… I don’t believe Obama’s campaign is clean, I just believe that McCain has run a far, far dirtier campaign (and this is yet another example of it). Obama’s campaign didn’t throw me into an introverted depression for 3 days, thankyouverymuch.

Edit edit: The fact checks are telling. On the first page, all of the McCain criticisms that I saw were either True or True (but incomplete), compared to all of the Obama criticisms which were either Misleading or False. Seriously, who’s running the dirtier campaign?

5 thoughts on “McCain WTF

  1. While I can’t agree with most of the comments given there, I can agree that it was very stupid and wrong to say that Mr. Obama’s campaign is the worst in history. Not that it’s completely pure, but come on.

  2. If politics “threw you into an introverted depression for 3 days”, then you seriously need to stop doing politics. California will go Democrat whether you read the outragemongers or not.

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