More Student Wars v2 CCG

You can download the cards here.

Worked some more on Alliances today. Yearbook got a couple interesting cards that let you basically treat the top card of your discard pile as in-play (attacking it, spotting it, whatever). All the keyword-based sub-factions got a helpful Persist Event that will make building decks based around them easier. Also dealt another blow against attackers with new “characters may not be damaged” powers and cards.

Did some general cleaning up so that cards are slightly less cluttered… mainly eliminated the across-the-board sub-faction abilities and stuck them on one character each instead. Still looking for ways to clean up cards further. Using symbols for some common terms and actions isn’t out of the question, but I have to be sure to not overdo it like my last attempt.

Also generally did some strengthening of GPA. I’m not sure if it’s enough.

If anyone has time and would like to playtest, I would be eternally grateful. The game needs a lot of testing and balancing (the Humanities faction, in particular).

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  1. Hi, my name is Alan and I like password protecting everything Ben wants to download and not telling him the password because I’m a smelly jerk with a dumb face.

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