I’ve been feeling rather off lately and I’m not sure why. I guess it’s a combination of lonely, bored, and frustrated.

I want to work on cards, but given that no one is interested in playing or anything, I usually end up not finding the motivation. Student Wars v2 needs some rebalancing since the latest testing confirms that GPA is underpowered and RPG Get! needs card making… but meh.

My other computer is still borked and I don’t really feel like fixing it (especially since that would likely involve a reformat and such).

Haven’t been interested in food at all lately. I eat when I have to because eating is good, but it seems to be more out of necessity than actual desire. There’s some interesting places that will deliver pre-made awesome meals (such as this one) of food that I actually am interested in eating… except the cost is way too high. (Over $40/day for 3 meals? One dinner meal of fish with a side costs $20? No thanks.) There’s also random take-out places that I’ll sometimes be in the mood for, but eating out every day at $10/meal (even just once a day) is a bad plan.

Work is going well and is enjoyable, but I really should have a life other than work and PSO.

I want to shoot photos but there’s no one to shoot portraits of and shooting not-people is only fun with someone else.

Relationships are funny. I guess it feels so normal at this point that there’s part of me that is interested in being single again just for the hell of being single. It’s not that I’m at all unhappy or feeling trapped or anything… just that I feel like maybe such a huge change (in my mind) would at least be *something* happening in my routine of work, sleep, work, sleep, games, sleep, work, sleep. There’s also the fact that I often take words at more than face value. I don’t know.

I suppose life is good, and I’m not unhappy, persay. I’m just feeling off.

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