So despite most of today’s plans falling through (people coming up and/or heading down to San Mateo for fondue), it was still awesome and fun.

Matt came up from Sunnyvale and we soon collected a Dan, Gopi, Tao, and Raphael. Went to the mall and had tasty Chinese food and green tea smoothie, then watched Raphael play around with the projected stompy ad games, then went to the Metreon for some DDR and Beatmania.
Then we lost everyone but Dan but gained a Justin and played card games… Hecatomb (first time playing… seems like an awesome game), World of Warcraft TCG (which I think I like… but ugh, I really do not want to pick up a mainstream TCG), 3-player DBZ TCG (which gave off the impression that the game isn’t as well designed as it could be, possibly due to it not being built for multiplayer), and Race for the Galaxy (which is awesome and has elements in common with Puerto Rico/San Juan).

There should be people and games more often. Today was fun.

Also, Tim… again the issue with buying a new computer is with the amount. Over a period of a few months I undoubtedly spend the $700 or so it would cost to buy a new computer… but spending it all at once just makes it seem like a much bigger deal than it is. Also, the cards I just received were $117, but that cost is being spread out over 3 months so it’s not as bad.

4 thoughts on “Games!

  1. I’m only posting here to prove that I *can* in fact correctly post comments on your blogs. Yay!

  2. I learned Race for the Galaxy over the week and played four games or so. It is VERY similar to San Juan – in fact, I think it had the same designer. My main beef with the game is that player interaction is very subtle and minimal. (That and I always seem to lose by 1 VP.)

  3. Aw, your site doesn’t like it when I type Thai directly. That row of question marks was supposed to say “ออมนอมๆ”

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