Stupid bigots

Stuff like this makes me so mad:

I also noted: “If marriage and the home deteriorates, the culture and society will be dissolved. From the very beginning, according to nature, history, tradition, and the Word of God, marriage has been between a man and a woman.”
Radically reconstructing the institution of marriage could readily become the defining issue of social justice in the 21st century, especially if such a radical change occurs through the abuse of power by activist judges. Destroying the institution of marriage will affect every person of every race, every family, every local community and state, every school district, legislature, courtroom, classroom and board room in America. Such a watershed issue cannot be diminished in its significance.

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I don’t even know where to start with this.

I have yet to see a single argument against gay marriage that doesn’t amount to “The bible says so.” or “God says it’s wrong.”
Well, I’m sorry, but (ignoring the fact that the quoted verses likely do not deal with homosexuality at all, but rather prostitution and sexual perversion) we are not a Christian nation, and you have no rights to impose your religious beliefs on everyone… especially because marriage (as far as the government is concerned) is a civil right. No one is arguing that every church everywhere should be required to perform all marriages… we do still have freedom of religion in this country (as much as you would hope otherwise, it seems). People are simply arguing that it is wrong to deny civil rights to two people purely based on gender. Done.

As for the exaggerated claims that gay marriage will destroy society, answer me this: How come Massachusetts still exists? How come people there haven’t self-destructed in a fit of family-pet-marrying, sibling-sodomizing sin? Why do families still exist there?
Hell, how come the country to our north hasn’t been torn apart by war and famine and general destruction with AIDS running rampant and “dangerous” homosexuals roaming the streets? (And, if anything, is doing much better than your good old US of A right now?)
No one has presented any evidence that expanding accessibilities to the rights that come with marriage has destroyed (or even hurt) anyone or anything. Stop making exaggerated, fictional claims.

All you bible-waving bigots are nothing but a bunch of dangerous hypocrites. Shame on you.