Moar PSO

Had an amazingly amazing run today.
Did a run of SS, saw Hildeblue x 2 and got Hildeblue Head x 2… but, even more surprising, also receieved Hildebear Head x 2.

Pix or it didn’t happen:

Also, my Fomar can now use his Striker of Chao. That (2x Shifta/Deband range) plus the Shifta Merge (2x Shifta range) plus the Fomar’s built-in bonus (2x Shifta/Deband range) makes Shifta do this:

Amazing :D
And that’s with only Shifta level 14. Can’t wait to see what happens once I get to Shifta 30.

The weapon is also generally cute. It’s an angry chao on a stick! :D

It makes cute chao noises when you attack with it too.

The universe must have a balance or something because this game session came right after I got extremely pissed off (at this, if anyone cares… ugh I hate fundies so much) and needed to vent some aggression against cute little Rag Rappies. It made me feel so much better, in particular because the first red box I ever saw in PSO BB was a Hildebear Head that the Ramar I was playing with took (I was playing with my Fomar back when he was level 25 or so) “for his other character.” I think that event put me off Forces for a while (hence why my Ramar got so far ahead in terms of levels). At least now I have friends I trust to play with (who have all been amazing and helped level my forces).

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  1. thats pretty sweet man :P ive never seen parts drop, let alone like 4 in a run!

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