Hello World

I don’t write on here very often anymore, do I?

Well, I’m still alive. Life has been full of work and PSO and late night phone conversations, so life has been full of awesome.

Unfortunately, life has also had looking-for-apartment annoyances, but meh.

Today’s moment of awesome was discovering a quest on the PSO server where you’re guaranteed to see a Hildeblue (a rare enemy) every run. On our first run, we saw two (one was the actual rare enemy random occurrence and one was the scripted one) resulting in two Kaladgolgs. I did it again by myself and ended up with a Hildeblue Head (which will be a Hildeblue cane for my Fomar as soon as I complete the requisite quests).
First time ever seeing a Hildeblue in all my PSO (and I’ve played a *lot* of PSO) including all my DC and GC characters and I see three in the same day (although only one was actually the rare enemy). Now the only rare enemies I have left to see are a Poulilly Slime, Hildetorr (which I can see in the same manner as the Hildeblue if I can ever do Forest on ult), and a Dorphon Eclair (which apparently casts grants and so scares me a bit).


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  1. I’m ?proud? to say I know you’re talking about phantasy star online. Is that the new Universe one for the new systems, or the original one for Dreamcast?

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