More PSO

I’ve been playing too much PSO lately. This is probably a bad thing.
Both of my characters are around level 59 now (I believe 57 and 59). I’m starting to make a network of online friends who I can play with (in addition to some of the old crew from LPSO, now iE). Can’t wait to get to level 80 so I can do ultimate mode with friends. The idea of ultimate control tower scares me since we have so much trouble with the area in normal mode, hard mode is damn near impossible, and vhard is basically undoable until we’re much stronger.
The entire thing that was putting me off of the game (everyone else having awesome rares and me not having any) has mostly gone away thanks to both rare items starting to appear and the generosity of friends (who have given me a God/Arm, Inferno Bazooka, and Meteor Smash). Still, it seems I have terrible luck obtaining rare items in the game, and that makes me kinda sad.

Also, my emotions have been all off since returning from Pittsburgh. Sometimes it feels like it was a mistake to leave, since the awesomeness of my job here doesn’t outweigh the awesomeness of other things and/or certain people that are still in Pittsburgh (and will be for several years). Meh. I love my job and I love this city, I just wish it wouldn’t hurt so much to be so far away.

Life goes on, I suppose.

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