I’ve been here 1.5 days and feel like I mostly fail at finding a place for me and Em to live in about two weeks.
Wasted time… wasted money flying here and staying here and eating here… wasted energy walking everywhere looking at places.

I feel kinda defeated.

At least I now have some semblance of a plan… check up on this place that both of us would be ok with but that has terrible, terrible ratings online… if the lease is breakable without too terrible a penalty, take it for now. Otherwise, take a 1-month lease (expensive as it may be) somewhere nearby so we can get our bearings and make decisions with more than 24 hours to consider their consequences.



I’m a complete failure.
I just feel so lost.
Does anyone at all have any knowledge about housing in San Francisco (or even Berkeley)?

5 thoughts on “Apartments…?

  1. I can try to contact my cousin, if you want, to see if she knows anything about housing in San Fran. She lives there.

  2. Aw… you are not a failure. Apartment hunting is really hard if you’re not actually living in the city you’re looking at apartments in, and it sounds like the market in San Francisco is particularly tight.

    You still have your backup plans. You’ll be all right, even if things work out in a different way than you’d expected. Good luck there today!

  3. i know in new york, people look in the obituaries for apartments, since a dead person means an open apartment.

  4. It is better to get an expensive apartment for a month or two, followed by a well-planned apartment for twelve months, than to get a quickly planned apartment for twelve months.

    Out of curiosity, why is Berkeley your second choice, rather than the towns just south of San Francisco, like Daly City or Pacifica?

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