End of 2007

I guess I should make an entry before the year is over…

Nothing much has happened since my last entry. I’ve been looking at apartments in San Francisco, and will be heading there this week (Thursday) to actually look at places.
Also, Em will be living with me (she got the job), which is awesome… especially because I absolutely *cannot* live alone.

I’m working on a computer version of Student Wars v2 so that I can play people over the internet with an application. This makes sense since I won’t be seeing many of the people who actually play card games with me very often. I’ve really only done the initial design work… I’m currently coding up the classes for the cards themselves. My eventual hope is to have the application link to my website and automatically download card images and data (for the application). This would make the thing very easy to use… download a lightweight client that will then go out and pull everything it needs to actually run from the internet.

Tonight is a new year’s party thing. Should be awesome.

One thought on “End of 2007

  1. Whee!

    How much do small SF apartments run for these days?
    Sounds really good that you’ll have a familiar roommate – that always helps when going into the otherwise completely unknown.

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