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So yeah, I didn’t get the Google offer.
That’s really for the better since it makes me decision quite a bit easier. I can now say with a bit of certainty that I will not be in Pittsburgh this January.
But meh… I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Part of me is sad to be leaving Pittsburgh (and afraid to be moving somewhere new), but I’ll likely end up near people I know from CMU anyway, so it’ll be fine. I suppose this only reenforces my initial reaction that I was only interested in Google because of the location (Pittsburgh) and the name (Google)… I didn’t find the work particularly interesting (at least, not nearly as interesting as some of the other offers I have).

5 job offers on my plate for me to consider. Two more interviews after Thanksgiving, one of which I’ll probably end up cancelling (more because I’m sick of interviewing than I’m not actually interested in the company).
One of the 5 stands out to me as the clear top… but now that kernel is complete, I need to more carefully look at the other 4 to start eliminating them.
Overall, I’d say I came out pretty well in the job game. :)

There needs to be a party of great justice in December before I leave Pittsburgh.

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