Kernel and life

Kernel was due Friday at midnight, and there was a floppy disk seminar (pizza!) immediately afterwards.
I felt really good about our kernel. We passed all the tests, including one of our own (cho_foo) that simultaneously ran the other 3 cho tests and (I believe) slaughtered some other tests as well.
8 wants to do a scheduler rewrite, so we took a late day, then another last night. I think I’m personally at the point where I don’t want to touch kernel code anymore until P4… as a result, I’m not being much help in the rewrite, but meh.

Next week is Thanksgiving and, for the first time since school has started, I have a place to go. It should be awesome and fun.

I find myself bored and wondering what I used to do with my free time now that the kernel is over.
I also find myself realizing that there is about a month left before I am done with college and have to go out and get a job. This scares me more than it should. Meh.

Also, friends are amazing.

One thought on “Kernel and life

  1. Congratulations on completing the kernel. As for jobs, that’s silliness. I recommend that you take up professional treasure hunting. Or study Russian. Either one works.

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