Life is amazing

I have a Randall Munroe-signed CtFwS t-shirt.

Our kernel now passes enough tests that it’s to where you could consider it “complete.” If we were to hand it in today, we would be able to move on to P4.

I received a bribe package from Laserfiche today containing a nice awesomely obnoxiously orange-colored fleece jacket, a large package of very nice, very expensive-looking cookies, and a collection of other random snacks and candy.

I am working on Student Wars v2 and am going to a funnel cake party tonight courtesy of Mars and Dan.

Personal life is going well and generally makes me very happy.

Next week, after the kernel is due, I am going to go shooting portraits of people.

I got the tripod I ordered from Amazon, so I can now shoot nighttime portraits without having to steal someone else’s tripod.

I downloaded an album of “Band of Gold” remixes from iTunes last night and have been listening to them since.

I am content in the knowledge that I am not wanting for anything right now… and that, no matter which of my amazing job offers I take, I will not be wanting for anything in the future either.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with and absolutely everything right with my life right now, and I think this is the happiest I have been in recent (or even un-recent) memory.
Why is the world so awesome?

3 thoughts on “Life is amazing

  1. Hi Alan,

    It’s good to see that your life is amazing right now! I take it the project is going well and hope you have finally had time to sleep :)

    Good luck with all the job offers, i hope ours if one of the amazing…


  2. It’s me, the cable thief that tries to ruin your dancing fun! I scoff at your music-related games and vow to redouble my cable thievery to the point of taking it even as you play!


  3. You deserve awesome-ness!

    Although, why does your facebook status show that you’re unhappy with your kernel again?

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