My laptop is now running Ubuntu. Besides the issue with getting the wireless card working, everything’s been fine. I may never go back to Windows… this laptop is running faster than it ever has before, and the OS uses less than 3 GB of space.

So yeah, wheee.

410 P1 looks amazing. I’ve read over the documentation and will hopefully finish the console (and keyboard?) drivers tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu

  1. Sounds excellent — I’m glad it’s working so well! I can’t get ITG/Stepmania working under Ubuntu, nor can my mplayer play newer DVDs, but other than for those two things I never go back to Windows either :-) Maybe you’ll have even better luck.

  2. Good luck! I keep tinkering with various distros, but ultimately the “just works” factor isn’t quite there yet for me. It’s getting better all the time, but I find that I am still several times more productive in Windows.
    Try doing a virtualized install of Windows XP inside your Linux box. I found that really helpful for the few programs I needed Windows to run.

  3. WHEEE!!! Ubuntu!!! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. Once one knows some of the more basic Unix things, it’s a helluva lot easier to use than Windows for most things, as it actually assumes the user is competent. That and stuff is free.

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