Wedding, TOC, and Foo

I haven’t updated this in a while. I suppose I should.

This past weekend I went to the wedding of one of Greg’s undergrad friends. It was the first wedding I’d been to in a while… and it was beautiful. The reception was held at a playground, which was quite possibly the best idea ever… we swung on the swings and climbed the jungle gym between food. Some people played frisbee.
They had a wedding pie instead of a wedding cake (pecan-pumpkin wedding pie!) and it was quite tasty.
Overall, it was a very nice experience.

I came back on Sunday and almost immediately headed to Tech Sunday. The entire thing was such a waste of time… the presentations didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know, and the networking session was a disaster… companies only sent a single recruiter so I ended up waiting in line for Yahoo! for over an hour and a half only to be turned away when the event ended before reaching the front. There were also generally rude and pushy people who cut in line and it made the entire experience hellish for me.
I suppose overall it wasn’t as bad as Microsoft’s info session last Wednesday and I actually came home and cried after. I hate large crowds of people. I hate large crowds of people in confined spaces. I hate large crowds of rude, pushy people in confined places. Meh.

Today was the TOC. I was not looking forward to it… this entire job search thing for me hasn’t gone terribly well, and I think I’m sick of being in a sea of people.
Nevertheless, it didn’t go terribly… I wish more companies would be interested in me, but meh, that is life.

OS P1 went decently. I had it done on Friday, did a bit more tweaking and debugging before the deadline yesterday. Wheee.