Birthday and budget

I had a birthday! It was awesome. There was dinner at Szechwan Gourmet, tuxedo chocolate mousse cake, and board games with friends. I blew out all 26 candles in one go… does that mean my wish comes true? :D

Anyway, it’s a new year, and I’ve compiled my yearly budget overview (from my monthly spreadsheets that track every dollar I spend). It’s quite interesting.

This year’s total expenditures is $12,356.83, which is a slight increase from last year’s $11,664.02. It’s a bit more than half of 2009’s year in San Francisco, which was $22,757.64.

The largest average category of expenditures (besides rent, of course) is food at $281.57/month, followed by “Transit” (airplane tickets, bus fare, train tickets) at an average of $86.58/month.
Naturally, that category also has the largest variance, ranging between $0 and nearly $600 in different months. Food ranged between $226.11 and $457.59 (if you ignore June, which I spent in Thailand, resulting in a $0 food expenditure for the month).
The lowest variance is my “Personal” category (DVDs, music, card games, KoL donations), which averages $49.97/month and ranged between $49.63 and $50/month. (I limit this category to $50/month, so this is not a surprising thing.)

It’s actually amusing to look at the differences in averages between this year and 2009 (my last full year in San Francisco). Rent is now $491.71, from $1587.05, but food is now $281.57 from $110.96. This is probably because I’ve been eating better plus the higher food prices in Pittsburgh.

Yay spreadsheets. I guess I’m over $1000/month on average now, but it’s good to know I’m still around that.

2 thoughts on “Birthday and budget

  1. what do your spreadsheets look like, out of curiosity? I’ve thought about tracking my money now that I’m living in a place that is so expensive. My rent is of course already more than you spent in total while you were living in San Francisco. Also, I dispute the higher food prices in Pittsburgh. What on earth were you eating in SF? dirt?

  2. SF restaurant prices are more expensive, yes. Pittsburgh groceries are significantly more expensive. I ate out very, very rarely in SF (and don’t eat out much here).

    My spreadsheets have columns representing my bank account balance, cash in my wallet, and credit card balance (which is always negative). Rows are whenever I spend something, and I categorize it. There’s a box off to the right where I tally up the totals of each category by month.

    It’s nice to see exactly where your money is going. :) I’ve been doing this since Freshman year of college, so I have quite a bit of data at this point.

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