Blah busses and classes

I hate the bus system sometimes. It took me about 75 minutes from the time I left work today until I got home… when the trip to/from my workplace is about an 8 minute drive. First the bus was over 30 minutes late… when it finally did come, 3 of them came in a row (one right after the other). Then we got stuck behind another bus such that we stopped at least once at every light. After we lost that bus, many people got on and off at every stop such that we still stopped at each light. So yeah… Bleh.

Today was the second OS class session. We already got our first project, and I’m worried about it. Meh. Besides that, nothing much has been happening. My first session of my other class is tomorrow (Pen-based Computing), and should be exciting. Work has been uneventful and filled with unit test awesomeness.

Besides that, life has been good. Wheee.

One thought on “Blah busses and classes

  1. My first OS project I confused C and SML and ended up trying to use ‘!’ to dereference things. That produced a happy list of errors the first time I tried to compile. The moral of the story is, eat more pineapple.

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