Classes start on Monday. I’m kinda excited.
This is my schedule. Only 18 units, but I’ll also be working part-time at the same place where I worked this summer. I’m looking forward to both my classes, and to having a steady income as well. Also, my job is awesome.

Not much is going on. I started work on Student Wars v2 on Thursday, and it’s coming along… somewhat. Let me know if you’re possibly interested in playtesting or something. I dunno. I reworked much of the mechanics and I want to make sure the game is still balanced and everything.

I’ve been photographing various parts of orientation for yearbook. I went to House Wars yesterday… it’s just as loud and obnoxious as I remember it from Freshman year. I’m sure some people have the time of their lives there, but it’s just not my thing.

Yeah, not much going on. People are coming back on campus, which is awesome. Tonight is halfprice with Tim, Apphia, Ian, Greg, and (maybe) Keith.

My life is amazing and happy. :D

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