Happy fireworks day to everyone.

We (Keith, Ian, Mars, Greg, and I) spent the day at Kennywood. It was lots of fun… I rode my first roller coaster (and confirmed that I hate roller coasters, and will probably never ride one again) as well as a lot of tamer rides. There was also tasty funnel cake supreme… funnel cake topped with ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream. Also, there was the East Winds Synphonic Band concert that Keith was in (the entire reason we went in the first place). Alas, we missed the fireworks displays (we were at Steak n Shake at the time, eating dinner, since we didn’t realize how late it was), but it worked out for the best as we all just headed home afterwards to sleep… which I should now do.

Also, I am amazingly content and happy with certain parts of my life right now. I still wonder sometimes what I ever did to deserve something like this…

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