Work day 23

I haven’t really been updating lately, have I?

Kelly’s new CD came out on Tuesday. Out of the 17 songs I got (because I pre-ordered the deluxe version of the album from iTunes), 11 are really good (AKA my style) and only one is intolerable. I think my favorite on the disc Sober, which is an amazing, amazing song… but I also really like Hole and Judas. Also, the preorder-only track Not Today is very good as well, but if you don’t have the album by now, you’re not going to get the song, so nyah nyah :-P
Overall, the album isn’t as good as her previous one (although you can’t really compare them, given how different this one is from any of her previous work… and that’s definetly not a bad thing)… but it’s still a damn amazing album, and I recommend you get it. Seriously.

This review of her album made me literally roll on the floor, laughing:
True, most will say, it is less mainstream as her sophomore hit, Breakaway. But this CD, WOAH, it so much deeper, the lyrics are personal (‘Why can’t you just take me?/I don’t have much to go/Before I fade completely.’-Irvine) and are written by Kelly herself. Whoever said these songs aren’t catchy? Of course they are! Maybe not as catchy as Since U Been Gone, or Walk Away, but catchy isn’t everything. Some hip hop songs are catchy (My Humps for example) but that doesn’t make them good songs.

Work went well today. I’ve been doing bug fixes for the past couple weeks, and I feel like I’m getting better at this. I got really, really frustrated earlier this week because I felt like I was taking way too long to track down and fix simple things, but I think I’m getting faster now as I get a better understanding of the code and get more familiar with the codebase. Yay!

CMU Adventures has had a couple updates… nothing big yet, but I’ll work on it eventually. I haven’t had much time lately between work and other personal commitments.

Not much else happening in my life, really. Meh.
*is boring*

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