Downtown piccaring

Life has been slow and mostly uneventful, yet rather awesome, for the past few weeks. Yay awesome!

Tyler made awesome dinner today… chicken with some really tasty sauce, yummy rice, and homemade bread pudding. Tasty.

Greg and I went downtown today to randomly photograph (and because I needed a new lens cap for my camera). Downtown is really nice to shoot in… other people should come with us next time!

6 thoughts on “Downtown piccaring

  1. The pigeon looks like he’s having a pretty good time. Did you tell it a funny joke?

  2. Yeah, seriously. Funked out pigeon.

    I really like the last one, too. (the window coverings). Rotated, it would make a cool desktop design. It takes a while to figure out what it actually is.

  3. Bah hah hah! It totally looks like that pigeon just saw your face and now it can’t stop laughing.


  4. Nah. The pigeon’s just finching because it’s a chicken about getting its picture taken.

    Nice shots though, Alan! We’re all raven.

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