Work, day 6 (and Student Wars, and masks)

Student Wars: Loose Ends has been finished and uploaded for your viewing/playing pleasure. There are probably a lot of typos, so please be kind.

Also, there are now people masks in Junk, including a Tom mask (happy, Tyler?).

Work today went decently. I finally got admin rights, and so was able to do all the installs needed to actually do my job. Huzzah! I set up and tested some peer code review programs, and hopefully they won’t break horribly. So yeah.


Edit:People wearing the masks!

Me as 8.

Greg as Zach.

8 as 8… backwards.

One thought on “Work, day 6 (and Student Wars, and masks)

  1. Creepy and wonderful — I still think that was an excellent idea :-P And the backwards Eight looks even better in the photo than it did in real life!

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