Work, day 5

I really should update this more often…

Work on Friday was good. I got my first task done, and the higher-ups seemed mostly happy with the results, so huzzah!
Work today wasn’t nearly as exciting. My advisor peoples and/or boss are in all-day classes until Thursday, and I still don’t have admin access to my machine. This combination means I don’t really have much to do except read the documentation for various code review software packages that they want me to set up and test (which I can’t do until I have admin to my computer). Bleh. Tomorrow will likely be the same, unless I can somehow expedite the admin process.

Student Wars Loose Ends is 13 cards away from completion. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow evening if I feel up to it.

There was an electrical fire in front of Joe Mamas when we went for all-you-can-eat pasta.

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