Work, day 9 (also, the worst afternoon ever)

This day starts out at around 7:45 while waiting for the bus to work. As I’m getting on the bus, I notice I’ve somehow broken my little zipper pouch thing that I keep my CMU ID, flash drive, and coins in. I figure it’ll be okay until I get home.

There are two busses (that I know of) that will get me home from South Side… the 59U and the 54C.

Toward the end of the day, I decide to leave work early to come home and sleep or something.
I look at the bus schedules and leave work over an hour early, 20 minutes before the 54C bus is supposed to come. The 54C stop is about a 10 minute walk from work.
I get to the stop about 12 minutes before the bus is supposed to come, and see the bus just pulling away from the stop. There’s no way I’m going to catch it there, so I decide to run across the Birmingham bridge to catch it on the other side, since traffic across the bridge is slow.

As I get to the other side, I realize that the walkway connects to a road two levels below where the bus turns off (the Downtown side of the bridge has 2 seperate street levels), and there’s no visible way for me to get up to where I need to be, much less in time, so I’m about to walk back across. Then, a 61C passes me. I figure I can take a 61 back home, so I walk toward the stop on that side of the bridge.
As I’m walking toward the stop, a 61A and a 61B pass me. I wait at the stop for about 10 minutes before figuring I’d be better off at the South Side stop, waiting for a 54C, so I go to walk back across the bridge.

As I’m walking back across the bridge, a 54C and a 59U pass me. This sucks. Then it starts to rain, and the bridge is the only place with nowhere for me to run for cover. Then another 54C passes me.

I finally get back to the South Side and head back to the stop (just as it stops raining), and I just miss another 54C (yes, there were 4 in an hour… that makes no sense, given they’re supposed to come every 40 minutes or so). Grrrr.
As I’m waiting at the stop, I see a 59U turn onto the bridge. I wait almost 20 minutes for the next 54C to come.

Finally, I’m on a 54C turning onto Craig when it starts raining. I get off, and the rain picks up really badly. I run back to Fairfax.
As I near Fairfax, I grab my keys and open the door. Once I’m inside, I realize that I lost over $1 of quarters I had in the pouch thing (attached to my keys).

So yeah. The worst part is it’s totally my fault. If I had waited at the stop after the first one passed, I would have been waiting less than 5 minutes for a bus, and would have gotten home an hour early. Instead, I spent over 2 hours getting home, and got home around the same time as I usually do. Blarrrrr.

Work today was interesting. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to talk about, but I get to use java.awt.Robot, which is awesome. I’m actually getting into programming now too, so whee.

I hate the world.

Tomorrow is walking to West Virginia. At least that should be good.