So this is kinda weird. It happened in the school district my mom worked in.
What is wrong with the world?

My mouth is better. I can mostly eat normally now. Went out to lunch with Pat and David today. Went out for yummy Ethiopian food last night with my parents. I have holes in my gums though, and I have to use a srynge (sp) thing to clean them. It’s kinda disconcerting to stick a needle-like thing into your gums and shoot water in there. Meh.

I got three bug bites over the week. The one on my hand got all big and puffy and could be infected. Saw the doctor again to get a prescription for an antibiotic. Bleh.

Kelly’s new single is awesome. I’ve been listening to it for the past few days. The single that Jordin Sparks (the new American Idol–she’s from Arizona!) is releasing is also awesome, and I’ll have to get it when it comes out. Also, Kelly’s new album comes out in a month. Can’t wait!

I head home on Sunday. I’m excited. Arizona is kinda boring since everyone is always too busy to do stuff. Meh.
Also, I get certain happy peoples on Monday evening, and that is awesome.

I typed this entire (fragmented) entry with my right hand (the other is in an ice pack and elevated). Wheee.

2 thoughts on “Wheeee

  1. I saw the whole body thing on CNN today while working the lunch shift. O.o

  2. Oh, the water syringe. I remember that it was gross, yet fascinating at the same time to see all the gook from food that got stuck in there.

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