I wonder how many people remember the “I want a standing ovation” thing from freshman orientation. Meh.
I was browsing through photos for Student Wars and came across some orientation pictures, and it reminded me of that.
In any case, Loose Ends is slightly more than half done. If I’m not lazy this upcoming weekend, I can probably have it out by Monday… not that anyone really cares anyway.

The flight yesterday was mostly uneventful. There was an interesting kid behind me in line at the security checkpoint, but I’ve already written about this in my LJ, and I don’t really want to repost it here.

Super-special bonux thank you points go to Klipper for picking me up from the airport yesterday. Really, you made things a lot easier for me, and made it so I had time to do cluster games and everything. Thanks :D

Alan playing Starcraft.

According to Facebook, I now know 6 Alans (besides myself; plus one Allan). Interesting, especially given that 4 of them have been in this past year.

Tonight should be good. In fact, most of today should be good if I manage to actually contact all the people I’ve been wanting to contact and who have been wanting to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. You’re welcome.

    When you mention the ovation thing from freshman orientation, it reminds me of something I learned at a workshop, and I’m not sure if it’s the same thing. When we got through a task in that workshop and wanted to congratulate ourselves, we’d go “Ooooo-vation!” really dragging out that first “O”. Also, we’d start with our hands low and raise them up high as we said the word. It was pretty amusing.

  2. When us MechE’s were lining up for graduation, I overheard a couple people contemplating getting up in the middle of the ceremony and asking for a standing ovation, but I guess they chickened out since the event went by uninterrupted.
    As one of the other Alan’s, I’m surprised at how many of us you know, although it is good to hear most of them spell it “correctly”. Why put in more letters than it needs? When I was learning to write my first and last name, I only had to deal with 9 letters, while one of the girls in my class had to learn “Mary-Elizabeth Smenzwick”.

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