Break has been full of awesome so far.
I got our networks routing daemon (mostly) working the other day (with only one late day). The thing I spent 4 hours debugging manefested itself as 3 or 4 different bugs in different parts of code, depending on how I ran it and what the network topology looked like. I finally traced it back into the tree-generation algorithm, in which I found the error….
A loop inside a loop, where I had mistyped the “j” as an “i”.
Don’t you hate it when you do that?

In any case, yesterday was full of awesome gameness with Tim, Mars, Dan, and Ian after an amazing dinner with Christina and some exploring with Ben. Today was full of piccaring with Greg and matthewj, followed by games with Alisa, rlambert, damo, Alex, and Brian. Whee. I’m also managing to get a lot done for CMU Adventures.
Yay for breaks?


He’s got branches growing out of his head. I can’t decide whether I like it or if it detracts from the image. It’s less distracting in the full version because of the depth of field though. Meh.

Teh matthewj photographs well.

Whee photos!

One thought on “Foo

  1. Nice! I really like the two you got of me, especially the second one. I didn’t realize I actually hold the camera that way — it looks right out of a book or something.

    Do you think you could show me some of the others some time? I’d love to see how they came out.

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