Ah, break

This past week has been the busiest ever in my 3-years thus far at CMU. The bulk of it has been my networks project 2. Including the night I spent coding until 10 AM (from around 4 PM the previous day, with a couple hours of photography and other stuff around 10 PM), my partner and I have probably put in well over 30 hours of coding for this assignment. The best part? It’s still not done. I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and to my best to get it working completely (which may or may not happen) and use a late day.
So yeah, I’ve basically been doing nothing but coding today since 9 AM, which seems to have been the story of my life for the past 3 days (wake up, go to class, code until dinner, go to eat, code until bedtime, repeat).
For networks, I more or less rewrote the entire routing daemon from scratch, because it was the preferable alternative to trying to restructure our existing code to be more correct.
For web apps, did a little bit more with CMU Adventures… mostly backend work.

Apparently, my webhost upgraded PHP or changed around some settings today, because I came home to find my site completely broken. Keep in mind that most of my site was written by me back when I was teaching myself PHP (with some tips from B’man), and so was written before I knew about the $_POST, $_GET, and $_REQUEST variables. My host had previously had these arrays set to be automatically exposed, and all of my code was written for that. They switched it on me today, and so I had to go in and fix almost every script on my site (many probably still don’t work). Whee.

Besides that, there was a “ZMONGZ SPRING BREAK!” party with Tim/Tim/Apphia/Ian/Mars/Dan/Keith tonight. There was ice cream and games and it was awesome and happy.

Been spending a lot of time in the darkroom lately, developing film and printing. I’ve mostly been doing photography for myself lately, more than for class (because god knows I’m sure as hell not enjoying the class). I eventually want to assemble a book of cluster photographs, starting with my final project for color photo last year (which you can see in art), and adding in more of my work from this year (mostly black and white film, but a couple digitals).

This is the first picture I have of everyone in “The group”… and I had to be blah and stand in front of Mars and Dan.

Um yeah.
Oh god busy week :(
At least it’s almost over. One more day of coding and then I’m free…

Free to start… coding… other… things…

But meh, I want to code my webapps project, so that’s a good thing.

Edit: In case you’re the geeky type and interested in this kind of stuff, like me…. here is more info about the global registration of variables that got disabled.

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