Today we went to YamaSho and sang karaoke. They are a really nice place and the song selection is excellent. They also deliver excellent Japanese food right to your room, which is awesome.

It was a good break from what is turning out to be a horrible week at work. The issues have been piling up and this morning (after a bad dream and walking to work in tons of rain and wind that soaked everything I was wearing), I was basically getting constant emails and bugs for 4 hours. Context switching between 6 issues every 5 minutes is… not pleasant.
This week will just get worse from here, as Friday is a major release and both my manager and our QAs’ manager are out. This… will not end well.

But blah. This weekend, unless horrible things happen and I am forced to work, I am spending doing random things completely unrelated to coding or bug fixing or troubleshooting.

Edit: Shower, and now feeling better. As long as I don’t get shittons of emails and bugs again tomorrow, I think I can tackle the stuff I got these past few days and be ok. Hope.

Also just realized that the release means I have to be working this weekend. Meh. Oh well. I can at least do things unrelated to bug fixing or troubleshooting. :P

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