Life updates has gotten another update, which brings it up to date to this past weekend.

RPG Get has also gotten its first expansion set. If anyone actually has interest in it, you should playtest it and give me feedback.

Life has been fairly uneventful lately. On Saturday, Charles, Mark, Evan, and I went to the SF MOMA. They were celebrating their 75th anniversary and had free admission.

I will never understand modern art.

At least they had an entire floor of photography (including San Francisco after the earthquake) that was really interesting.

Work this week has been kind of frustrating. A lot of the stuff I’ve been doing hasn’t worked out like I planned. As a result, I had 6 things to deal with today, 4 of which were issues that I thought I’d taken care of but that ended up being an issue anyway. Blah.

Also the bay area is drowning. We’ve gotten so much rain these past few days, and it’s supposed to continue tomorrow. Blah. I walked to work this morning in the worst of it, and it took almost 4 hours for my pants and socks to dry out (despite me not wearing my socks or shoes).

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