I Hate Flying

Today has been way too long.
– Woke up too early to a lot of snow and headed to the airport for a long flight (with two layovers) home
– Waited in the terminal with way too many people (due to two flights from the gate being delayed a few hours) and broken wifi
– Had flights, which were actually not too bad except for the fact that I developed a horrible headache during the last leg
– Got to SFO and waited for my bag with a headache… and waited… and waited
– Went to the baggage office to file a missing/delayed bag claim
– Headed to the bus stop and missed it by literally 30 seconds
– Waited another hour and a half for the next bus… headache getting worse
– Caught the bus at 9:20 instead of at 8:00 as I was planning
– Am now sitting at home pondering clothes for tomorrow (most of my good pants were in the bag that is currently missing) and being way too annoyed by kitty mewing in the other room and pondering taking some advil and going to bed

At least I was smart and carried on everything I didn’t want to lose (camera, cables, laptop, batteries). Still, that’s a lot of clothes (and boxes of red velvet cake mix, and Christmas presents) that I’ve potentially lost.



My head hurts so much. :(

4 thoughts on “I Hate Flying

  1. :( Your luggage will probably show up, it’s just probably stuck in one of your connecting airports for the time being.

    Also, bus? Doesn’t BART have a stop really close to your apartment?

  2. Samtrans has a closer stop and it costs $1.75 coming up instead of $8.10.
    Would’ve been fine if I had caught the first one. :\ Didn’t realize they came every hour… figured there’d be one every 30 minutes and I’d be waiting about that long for a BART anyway.

  3. I have to agree with you about hating to fly. With all the increased security and all the measures airlines have taken to cut costs (specifically reducing flights to pack in the existing ones), traveling by air is absolutely no fun. I just brace myself for long lines, delays, and general unpleasantness. Then I’m cheered up when no major snags occur. It’s all about lowering your expectations!

    Anyhoo, I hope your bag has turned up. I agree with jgrafton that it is somewhere in the system; assuming the routing tag didn’t get ripped off and that you have your own ID tag on it, it’s just a matter of time.

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