So recently I discovered (or, rather, was introduced to by Sharon) this awesome service called Lala.

Basically, you can “purchase” rights to stream a song as much as you want for $0.10/song. (You can also stream any song in their database once for free.) Signing up gives you credits for 25 songs. And if you like it, you get the $0.10 off the cost of the MP3 download (which is normally $0.89, so already $0.10 cheaper than iTunes).

If it was just that, it would already be kind of awesome, but annoying to use as you’d have to re-buy all of your music (which is the main annoyance of digital distribution). However, Lala also provides a program that can run through your MP3s, match them against their database, and then give you access to them online (either immediately if it’s a song they carry, or by uploading your file if it isn’t).

This basically means that you can upload your entire music library to Lala and listen to it anywhere you have internet access. Convenient.

I’ll make a proper post one of these days, but meh. You should give them a try*. Signing up is free, and you get 25 free songs to stream.

Also, yes, Southwest found my bag. They also gave me $50 for the inconvenience of having to go get it. They should lose my bags more often. :D

*I get 5 free songs to stream if you do. I don’t get paid and I don’t get song downloads. Also, it will automatically make you follow me and make me follow you.

7 thoughts on “Lalala

  1. I’ve heard concerns that lala’s songs will all vanish when they finish being acquired by Apple.

  2. Also, when using an affiliate link to endorse a product, it’s helpful to also provide a disclaimer. What do they pay you per friend you refer?

  3. Platypus: Lala doesn’t give cash for referrals, they just give 5 download credits. You can’t convert credits to cash, but you can purchase credits in increments of 10 for $1.

  4. The ability to stream any song from their catalog that you already have locally is awesome. I hadn’t tried or had any interest in Lala before you mentioned that, but I’m streaming Lala music right now while the Lala Music Mover is finishes scanning my collection.

    One of the worries I have with services like it (Spotify,, Pandora, etc.) is that make it much more difficult to play my rare music that isn’t available on the net. It’s really convenient to be able to stream music from anywhere, but it seems sad that as I result I end up not listening to my obscure local bands as much anymore. (At least lets people upload their own music, so I can still listen to Tom 7 Entertainment System!)

  5. Well, Lala also lets you upload the rare music that isn’t available online, so you can listen to your entire collection. :)

    Their matching for things they don’t have seems to be a little off though. It turned one of my slow, quiet songs into a heavy metal song. Oops. :P

  6. i have nothing to add except lala is awesome. i discovered it over break due to its apparent semi-integration with google searches.

  7. I just discovered the uploading feature — it was confusing because it referred to the matching of songs in their database as “uploading” also, though it didn’t actually involve uploading the file. I too had the problem with it matching rare songs with completely inappropriate songs. I found that if you use the manual uploader tool on the website for troublesome tracks you can avoid false matches.

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