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Yesterday was a bunch of dim sum in Chinatown with Sharon, Charles, and people they know. It was a lot of fun and I got to try a lot of different, tasty dim sum from four different places.

However, one of the places must’ve disagreed with me, because I spent a lot of last night in the bathroom. After one such trip, I decided to check my email and saw that Amazon had sent me a promotional email touting Adam Lambert’s new album for $3.99 (as well as a long list of other albums for $5).
Given that I had been mildly interested in the album anyway, the price was right, so I decided to go ahead and get the album. However, given that it was 3 AM, I assumed that the “Buy MP3 Album with 1-Click” button would give me an opportunity to input payment information (which, you know, kind of goes against the entire point of 1-Click). I also had not paid for music from them for a while, since I tend to download their free tracks or usually have credit to cover what I want.
It so happened that the credit card I had tied to 1-Click was no longer valid.
I clicked to buy, confirmed, and the album immediately began downloading. At this point I was worried because I hadn’t been able to pay. Indeed, when I woke up in the morning, there was an email telling me my order had been cancelled due to invalid payment method. However, the downloaded album still sat in my music directory.

Ended up calling their customer service (or, rather, having them call me with their awesome “Call Me” feature), which was actually a pleasant experience. There was essentially no wait to speak to reps and they were fairly knowledgable. In the end, the rep ended up telling me to keep the album as a gift from Amazon, and that he hoped I would shop with them again. It was rather unexpected, and awesome.

So yeah. All of you should buy your music from them. Their customer service is great (even though the issue was my fault here) and it’s pretty darn cheap anyway. Plus they’re running a promotion right now so you can get $3 free credit. And they have a bunch of good albums on sale for $5 each (including Kelly Clarkson’s “All I Ever Wanted”, which I highly recommend). Win.

And the Adam Lambert album? Not really that great. Some nice tracks on it (Fever, Whataya Want From Me, Music Again), but the album as a whole is generally rather uninteresting. Possibly worth the $3.99 (there are at least 4 tracks that I like), but certainly not worth full price.

Unrelatedly, oh god work is going to be insane this week and next week. At least Thursday is Thanksgiving… otherwise I might go crazy by the time feature freeze rolls around December 4.

2 thoughts on “Amazon MP3 is Awesome

  1. I got a couple of albums on sale of amaozn but didn’t actually download them because I had poor internet connection at the time. (just got the download file). Technically I guess you are not supposed to do this, as when I tried to download the files later they said the downloads had expired. (This makes a certain degree of sense. Don’t want one person buying a song and giving everyone access to their amazon account). However, a quick email to customer service later my downloads were restored. I donno why anyone would use iTunes over Amazon for MP3s.

  2. I too love Amazon MP3. Everything is DRM-free by default, and the interface is a million times better than iTunes, at least on lower-resolution computers like my little Eee PC. It was also my only option back when I was using Ubuntu exclusively (and their Linux downloader worked great!)

    I’ve never had to deal with customer service so far, but I think highly of them thanks to the intelligent involvement on Twitter (@amazonmp3 deals), consumer-friendly $5 album deals, and openness like MP3 format and the Linux downloader.

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